How to Optimize your Google Business Listing

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Why Businesses Should Have a Google Listing

The first thing that customers do when they are looking for a product or service is to search the web for nearby organisations. Every business should appear in Google My Business website listings; my business on Google might even be the catalyst you need for success. Whenever a potential customer looks for a local service on Google, they will most likely only go as far as will top the search results.

Google My Business (or GMB) is a free marketing tool that gives the freedom to manage how people view your business in Google, including a business name and relevant information. It provides an address, hours of operation, contact numbers, and website URL or Facebook Page link. You can even pin my business location in Google Maps so that people find it while driving. 

Most successful businesses use a GMB listing to its full potential, and it is a golden opportunity. You don’t have to trudge through the nuances of SEO.

Local Google My Business services offer plenty of free resources, including expert advice and entertaining video tutorials on how to optimise Google Maps listing information.

You can also enlist the help of a Google My Business SEO expert. The Google My Business optimisation service professional ensures my business information is optimised, so the top local search results will feature your business. Google uses keywords, search phrases, and text to push your venture to the prime spot on search engine pages for an edge against any competitors.Google Maps Pin

Relevant and Up to Date Content

As with any online source, any Google My Business listing should be up to date to enjoy the benefits of local search visibility. For Google local listing optimisation to work, changes to contact numbers or a business address need to reflect in GMB as well.

Changes in hours of operations or products and services should also reflect on my Google My Business listing. It will frustrate potential customers to no end if they arrive at your shop for a product they need to find that you no longer carry it. 

GMB may include discounts and unique offerings on my business profile, so be sure to update these often for seasonal promotions.

Keeping my Google Business page up to date is an excellent way to maintain customer satisfaction. People patronise a shop knowing what products or services they’ll find. If a GMB listing promises products that are no longer available, there will soon be negative customer experiences and mounting bad reviews online. 

Google My Business Opening Hours

Ask Customers to Review the Listing

A customer review is an essential part of a Google My Business listing. Reviews are widely read during the search for a shop or product—potential visitors don’t yet know anything about your product and will rely heavily on the experiences of past customers. A GMB website with many positive customer review appearances is far more likely to attract new clients.

When setting up Google My Business, make sure the listing allows customers to leave feedback about the shop, services, or products. Use it to collect honest customer evaluations, and ask customers to leave online reviews on my business GMB listing.

You can use these evaluations to identify areas for improvement and better serve your customers. It is also wise to respond to these comments professionally and timeously. Courteous responses to customer feedback is a way of showing that you value their opinions and consider them as partners towards improving the way that you conduct your operation. 

Customer reviews also affect search results—companies with mostly positive reviews appear higher on local SEO rankings. You will be one of the first results that local search customers will see when they ask Google for your business niche or product.

Google My Business Review



Streamline The Information

Google verifies whether a business listing is legitimate by checking for anomalies. You need to ensure that my organisational information is uniform for all online resources to gain credibility. If you have a website or a Facebook page, the details on these locations need to match your Google My Business listing. 

It might be as simple as using a single format for all the information—if you spell out the word “Street” for the address, you need to spell it out across all platforms. The shortened form, St., in one site might result in a GMB listing information being flagged by Google’s algorithm as inconsistent. It translates to unreliable results, which drops your Google ranking.

It is vital to use the same phone number on all platforms. Keep one number as a primary business contact, and should there be an alternate phone number, list it as a secondary line. Do not interchange the primary and alternate phone numbers across listings.

A business name should also be identical in every location, including for Facebook pages and Instagram accounts. Don’t cite “The Corner Restaurant” on a Facebook page and make it “The Corner Café” on the business website.


Accurate Information



Common GMB Mistakes

Creating a GMB listing is easy, but common errors quickly dilute the results. Here are two of the most common GMB mistakes that business owners make and how you can avoid them:

Misplaced Google Maps Pin

Pins are easy to overlook. If I scour the map of my local area and look at the pins, I’ll quickly see that some are inaccurate. Some pins appear on a different building or at the wrong end of the street.

Business owners tend to ignore inaccurate pins since these are in the general vicinity. Isn’t it close enough? In some cases, it won’t matter, but a small inaccuracy in a crowded marketplace easily results in negative customer experiences.

Customers relying on GPS programs assume a GMB pin is in the exact location—if they arrive at the pin and cannot locate my shop, they might think that business is no longer in operation and look elsewhere. It results in many lost business opportunities and poor customer reviews.




Unattractive Photos

Another common mistake is relying on Google Street View photos for your listing. You’ll see less traffic this way, though.

Professional photos of a shop or product appeal to customers and lend credibility to the brand. Highlight what makes your business unique. Use light, beauty, focal points, and images that draw an audience.

It should not just be the exterior of a shop—provide customers with a look inside. Include staff and customers, enticing potential business with dynamic and appealing ideas, rather than pictures of an empty storefront.




Get On Google

If I have to give nay advice, it would be to get onto Google as soon as you can. It takes minutes to create a good GMB profile and it will do wonders for your digital presence. Search engines are the gateway to expanding your brand. Get noticed on Google and see those ratings soar.

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